When I'm having a decent chat with a couple of friends or family members, I tend to let my guard down. Which I personally don't think it is a good thing to do. When you thought those opinions or thoughts would have enlightened those who actually cared about your life.

I regretted the moment I actually uttered those words.

I should have known better.

My last post was dated 14th June 2011.

I noticed that particular post had gained many views ever since I made a Facebook post relating to my habit. You guys are so sweet I nearly shed a tear! :') Some even went to the extent to remind me why I have not updated my blog yet. D: Sorryyyy.

Just so you know, I have not taken my P2 Corporate Reporting mock paper yet. It has been rescheduled to this Saturday. Gotta work really hard! Mad heavy paper.

Ah, speaking of which, I have to dedicate a post to explain what I've been up to for the past one year eh? I'm still a student, that's for sure. Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. Probably after mock.

There will be changes as to the way I write considering it has been more than a year since I've written anything. I have come a looooooooong way since I started blogging in my high school years. I'll see how I can do this.


ps: I can't stand the look of my blog right now. So gloomy. The default font set is soooo small. What was wrong with me? Need to make a change for that one.

With that, I end my second semester of ACCA. :)

Hopefully I can manage to pass my F5 paper, was very unpredictable. I was ever so ready to cook up a story to serve the examiner, looks like they don't need it after all. :(

ROI & RI. *sigh*

Nevertheless, let's hope I manage to pass it. Getting a marginal failure on this will definitely rip my heart apart. :'(

Anyhow, it's disturbing to see a close friend of yours feeling so down and yet couldn't do anything to help her. On the other hand, I can't help but to think that she could have done better to control that urge of hers to do something so... stupid. == Being rebellious? Bah. It was an impulsive act nonetheless. Stupid.


Anddddddd, :D woohooo! Exams over and I'm free for the next 3 weeks!!!!!! :DDDDDD

I sometime wished my mind is like a blank canvas.

Empty, but full at the same time.

Pointless things have been lingering on my mind for quite some time. I do realize that I should have invested the time into something more productive aka studies, but I can't seem to help it but to have these thoughts. =/

Over time our lives change. Friends come and go.

I can't seem to let it go. Sometimes, I felt that I should have done something more to maintain it. It hurts to know that someone you treasure is not putting in effort to support the friendship.

But well, its funny how people interact with one another and finally settled with that very one special friend, whom I had come to care for and trust deeply. Then, after months or years of interaction, she just walk off.

Was it my fault for feeling so attached?

Or she for doing absolutely nothing at all?

It is time like this that I felt so helpless. And I could do nothing but to wait.

Yup, I'll be waiting for her to turn back. :)

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