~12th May 2008~

Went to Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-La to claim my reward from my gujeong. =D

Oh.. just in case you guys didn't know, i made this bet with my gujeong last year. If I can score an A1 for my Sejarah SPM paper, gujeong will have to treat me to somewhere for a scrumptious dinner on a monthly basis for A YEAR.

And there you have it! I got my A1 and this is my SECOND time claiming my reward out of 12. =D My first one was at TONY ROMA'S which i didn't blog. The photos I took for that time ain nice enough. Oh well...

I brought my mom together to join me for dinner that evening. So now I still have NINE more meals to claim from my gujeong. =D

... never mind la if you don't understand. =.= sad case...

So anyway, we reached Lemon Garden Cafe around 7.00pm and quickly started off by walking around the 'cafe.' It's a buffet btw and has a few sections in the cafe. Lemon Garden offers a wide variety of food; Chinese, Malay, Japanese, Western, and Italian..

Japanese Food section

Raw Oysters.
I finally manage to get myself to try one of these raw oysters. Never tried one before this. It tasted like... oysters? And a bit slimy, you see..

And how do you eat these?

Close up of the oysters.

According to my aunt, you put some lime juice on it - and apparently it is to kill bacteria or something. I'm not so sure about that though.. oh, of cuz after which you scoop the oyster into your mouth la. ==

For my first oyster, my aunt put too much lime juice on the oyster for me. Tasted waaaaaaaay too sour to my liking...

Sushi & Salmon slices.

To those who doesn't know me well enough, I don't like to eat sushi.

But they were so cute ok!

More sushi-es.

I tried eating the salmon slices though.. My first one =D I dipped the slice with japanese soy sauce + wasabi and popped it into my mouth...

and .... no, I still can't get myself to like it. I was like eating TOFU and it was "plastic"-ky kinda taste. Goshhhh... Malu saje, eh?

The prawn was ok i guess. didn't eat much.

Salad section.

Next stop, we went for SATAY.


=S Their satays were OK I guess.. Hmmm..

"WHY SATAY in Lemon Garden?!!!" you may wonder...

No, Don't ask me. Ask both my uncle and aunt. lol.

Waiting for my slice of roasted lamb.


Various types of dishes in the Chinese section - on my plate. lol

Noodles section - Place your order and they'll cook on the spot.

Asam Laksa
Dim Sum

Aunt's Favourite - WinterMelon Soup.


A Chocolate Fountain!!!!! xD
They even have this section where you can decorate your ice cream. Ok la. Call me jakun but i really enjoyed playing with the desserts... =P

Another cute thing I spotted at the cafe is that they have these!

Pastries-on-spoon. lol.

Just looking at them makes me happy =D

Ais Kacang anyone? =)

Fruits section

We ate NON-stop from 7.10pm till 9.30pm... Very VERY full after that.

And like most people say,

NEVER go to a buffet when you're on diet. Geeeezzzzzzzzz...

Thanks for the dinner, gu jeong!

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